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The heroes of Aiphone intercom and access control join forces to create SecureForce a dynamic team of guardians who fight relentlessly against the Triangle of Evil.

Aiphone’s SecureForce is a powerful band of heroes that are perfectly suited to combat the fiercest security challenges.

Designed to work together seamlessly, visitor screening and communication are enhanced by secure access control, integrated cameras, VMS, paging, and emergency alerts—guaranteeing your overall security is significantly more powerful.

Meet the SecureForce Heroes

Access Man

Role: Control Visitor Access

Powerful, flexible, and always on duty.

Our steadfast hero is the guardian of secured areas across the globe, ensuring that no unauthorized access ever takes place.


Role: Visitor Screening

Our hero allows you to speak with visitors outside a secured entrance.

The only way through is interacting with Communicator, who will convey authorization to allow access.


Role: Video Management Systems

Seeing all angles of a secured property

Overseer is always watching and recording every moment. He offers instant access to video feeds and the ability to see multiple video streams all at once.

The Eye

Role: Camera Integration

The Eye is our camera integration hero.

Her superpowers allow the viewing and managing of multiple cameras, she sees all! With this hero, cameras— no matter the placement—will always integrate with intercom, access control and VMS.


Role: Paging

Bullhorn spreads the news clearly and assertively to all when a security emergency occurs. His powers are loud and clear communications throughout a campus or building—whether an emergency, or a general announcement.

Siren & Alert

Role: Emergency and Alert

These powerful “Wonder Twins” work together to reliably alert all when an emergency occurs.

Whether it’s sirens or alarms, strobe lights, or buzzers, Siren and Alert are on the case with their boisterous communications in serious situations.

The Triangle of Evil

Three villains focused on wasting your time and money, creating incompatibilities, limiting system growth and flexibility, and…

Creating chaos by finding and leveraging the deficiencies in your building’s security.

Meet the Villains


Role: Boss Villain

This boss makes sure his minions are causing havoc by mismatching products and functions to create system design havoc.

He wastes time and money, springing surprise incompatibilities into the mix after installation—costing even more to remedy!


Role: Inflexibility Villain

This villain ensures you’re limited in your choices and options within your security system design. He blocks scalability, partitioning, and special permissions while imparting size and configuration limitations.


Role: Unauthorized Entry Villain

When there’s an unlocked door, window, or property, he uses his powers to lure trouble into every nook and cranny of your building. Who’s in your building? What are they doing? Are they allowed? What’s at risk?

Meet the Heroes in Person

Aiphone’s SecureForce heroes will be at ISC West 2024

Join us at booth # 17109, where we will be showcasing our heroes and helping you get acquainted with how Aiphone’s SecureForce can help you build more efficient, more integrated, better performing security systems.

Be our guest April 10-12 in Las Vegas.
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