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Reducing Germs with Touchless Solutions

Since the arrival of COVID-19, emphasis on hygiene safety is at the forefront of most people’s minds. With awareness high, we all do what we can to limit the spread of germs, including those transmitted from surfaces to our hands. Outside of our homes and workspaces, doorways are likely where most of our hand-to-surface contact happens. And it’s not like you can avoid them, doors are everywhere—getting into your building lobby, a local business, a classroom, your gym, even your doctor’s office—the list goes on. In the ongoing quest to limit the spread of germs and bacteria, touchless technologies and mobile apps can offer additional benefits, beyond reducing germ transference.


Easy, contactless access control
A touchless calling sensor from Aiphone enables visitors, vendors, and employees to initiate a contactless call. Which is simply done by holding up their hand in front of the sensor, reducing exposure to germs in high-touch areas.  

From here, calls can be screened with clear audio and video. This solution can be used to greet employees who have lost their access control card, or to facilitate contactless deliveries, such as lunch orders in offices, or a grocery delivery to a multi-tenant residential facility. This solution also helps reduce the chances of a false alarm, as the sensor’s detection zone can be adjusted to help avoid unwanted activations from external sources, such as wind or outdoor debris.


Touchless solutions provide hygienic access to high-volume environments
Since pandemic-related restrictions have reduced, many of us will be heading back into offices, schools, and utilizing day care centers. A touchless solution helps ensure these everyday spaces will continue to implement safe hygienic practices. Additionally, a touchless sensor can be a valuable entry tool in medical centers, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and elder-care facilities because they uphold safe practices and seek to mitigate the spread of illness.


Mobile apps for touchless access
While not a traditional “touchless” access control solution, mobile apps provide individuals with a more hygienic way to access a building. Especially in multi-tenant residential facilities, residents find value in taking building security into their own hands. With a mobile app, tenants have flexibility in managing access to condominium complexes, private living spaces, and shared common areas. For larger mixed-use buildings for both commercial and residential use, this solves a major pain point—offering a hygienic security solution which is accessible for both tenants and facility staff use. 


Touchless solutions help reduce the spread of germs in offices, condo facilities, medical centers, schools, and more. These touchless and mobile solutions can assist in diminishing individual contact with high-touch surfaces to keep more people safe. 

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