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Multi-Tenant Security Intercoms

Protect tenants with reliable entry security and internal communication.

Multi-Tenant Security Intercoms

Protect tenants with reliable entry security and internal communication.

For Today’s Property Owners and Tenants

Today’s property owners and tenants are attracted to safe and inviting environments, both inside and outside of their homes.


Video Intercom and access control provides convenient security, allowing residents to properly determine visitor intent before letting anyone in the building. Give them the confidence to make proper access decisions by identifying visitors and communicating with them before unlocking the door.


Tenants need to reach concierge or staff in a snap – in the case of an emergency, even if security is centralized in a different building. With a wide array of configurations, it’s easy to add a layer of security as a key benefit to your building’s tenants. The video guard station can also be used to intercept visitor calls, monitor deliveries and secondary entrances, and reach tenants as needed.



Benefits of Property Wide Security

Intercom Convenience



  • Safely screen visitors with clear identification and crisp audio communication
  • Conveniently unlock your door from the comfort of your apartment/office
  • Mobile app capabilities help you keep your home secure when you’re on-the-go

Intercom Convenience



  • Quick and hassle-free programming – update your tenant directory with NFC
  • Empower your security team by centralizing security resources
  • Easily accommodate your budget – select only what you need when you need it


Controlled Access


Controlled Access

  • Protect secondary doors, elevators, amenities, parking and hard to patrol areas
  • Add emergency call stations to secure remote, high-risk areas
  • Connect multiple buildings in a complex or from across town with centralized security services

Stay in Touch

IP multi-tenant video intercom help solve security communication challenges.


IP intercoms can be added to most any system size with the numerous ways they can be configured. From brownstones to high-rises, your tenants will appreciate the reliable entry security combined with the convenience of a mobile app.


Smaller properties? Old wires? Not sure?
Not a problem! Check out some of these Solution Showcases to see how other property owners found the best solution to meet their needs.

Stay in Control

The Fair Housing Act states that facilities must provide an equally effective alternative to the standard IP video intercom for the deaf and the hard of hearing, such as two-way video and t-coil interface. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects those with disabilities from discrimination and upholds accessibility regulations that must be met by law.


With the integration of two-way video and t-coil technology in IP video intercoms, we can ensure more effective communication while meeting ADA regulations. Deaf personnel and visitors can see each other. Two-way video allows sign language to be seen between the entrance station and the guard station. For those who wear compatible hearing aids, t-coil technology enables crisp, clear audio during the call.

Integrated Security Solutions

For multiple buildings or mixed-use settings, consider the IXG Commercial Series which combines the power of the IX Series and IXG Series to create an enterprise-level solution with unlimited station capacity.

Mix and match IX Series and IXG Series components for the ultimate hybrid solution. Many solutions available with certified Technology Partners and Integration Solutions to network with existing VMS, PBX, and access control systems.

Learn more about the capabilities of an IP Video Intercom by contacting your Local Expert


IXG Series Mixed-Use Solution

The IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom is a complete network-based communication solution for any multi-tenant or mixed-use security application. Watch this video to learn more.

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