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Introducing the QuikSpec™ Remote Programming Service

Program your IX Series systems with our step-by-step programming wizard.

Remote Programming Service for IX Series

See all the features and benefits of our valuable new service.

QuikSpec™ Remote Programming Service

Aiphone proudly introduces our Remote Programming Service. This powerful service is housed within our free QuikSpec tool and can be used to create a program file for your IX Series. It helps to make system set-up a breeze, saving time and resources.

QuikSpec programming Service

The Savings
Add Up

Save hours of time from entering data, transferring files, or manually programming individual stations. With remote programming, you can quickly produce and download programming files for even the most complex IX Series configurations, including technologies like ONVIF®, VMS, and SIP.

QuikSpec helps save time and money

Meet the Wizard

Our user-friendly programming wizard takes out the guesswork—guiding you through programming an entire system. With the programming wizard you can intuitively build and edit system information, station information, network settings, and call settings.

User-friendly programming wizard

Customize Multiple Settings

  • Address Book Settings
  • Call Settings
  • Transfer Settings
  • ONVIF®/RTSP (VMS) Settings
  • Volume Settings
  • SIP Settings
  • Speed Dial Settings
  • IXW-MA Settings

Settings customized

Intuitive Assistance

With an easy-to-use interface, helpful pop-up guides, and real-time form verification during programming, you’ll be able to create, save, and download accurate programming files to get up and running in no time. Should you run into challenges or have questions, our wizard also includes an always visible informational “i” button offering helpful guidance.

Intuitive Assistance

Remote Programming Service

Accessing the Remote Programming Service and Programming Wizard is simple. Log in to QuikSpec and create your IX Series specification or open an existing IX Series specification and add the service.

Click the orange “Click Here to Access the Remote Programming Service” button to launch the programming wizard. The wizard walks you through the programming process step-by-step.

QuikSpec Remote Programming Service

Save, Download, or Edit Files Anytime

After completing the wizard, your programming files are generated automatically and saved within a .zip file to your QuikSpec account as an “Existing System”.

To access or download your programming files at any time, log into your QuikSpec account and view your specs.

Save, Download and Edit

High Value, Lower Costs

Our Remote Programming Service offers undeniable value—saving numerous hours of entering data, transferring files, and manually programming individual stations. As a self-serve offering within QuikSpec, your files and the ability to program, edit, or download are accessible 24/7/365.

Login to QuikSpec today and get familiar with all the benefits of our Remote Programming Service for the IX Series.

Remote Programming Service offers undeniable value