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Intercom and Access Control Systems for Houses of Worship

Intercom and Access Control Systems for Houses of Worship

Security Solutions for Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Mosques

In recent years, houses of worship have become an all-too-common target for burglars, vandals, threats, and even worse violence. Buildings can no longer be left unlocked, but they also require a certain amount of public accessibility. Access control and video intercom systems are ideal for buildings with multiple entries. Remote doors in locations that are hard to patrol can be verified before granting access.



Benefits of Intercom Solutions and Access Control:

Intercom Communication


  • Religious volunteers and staff can see and speak with visitors from virtually anywhere with a mobile app
  • Add an extra layer of security while maintaining an inviting environment without leaving your congregation vulnerable
  • Monitor and communicate between the sanctuary, offices, and classrooms

Intercom Convenience


  • Easily expandable; buy what you need when you need it; the system grows with you
  • Add extra door stations to protect secondary doors, elevators, donation areas, parking garages, and more
  • Integrate with other audio and video systems, for wider surveillance control


Intercom Controlled Access

Controlled Access

  • See and hear activity from any door station
  • Monitor any area where a door station or integrated camera is located
  • Zoom in and out for greater details
  • Integrate to network with existing VMS, PBX, and access control systems

Beth Jacob

Increasing security was a top priority for this house of worship. Aiphone had the solution they needed.

Preventative Measures
See how effectively security improvements were integrated into their day-to-day operations.

Improving Accessibility

Clergy of a congregation wanted to be inclusive to their members who were hard of hearing by providing a compatible intercom.

Door stations with t-coil technology allowed members to clearly hear entry instructions and feel included.


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