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Access Control

from Your Trusted Communication Solutions Provider

Access Control

from Your Trusted Communication Solutions Provider

the AC Series

Look no further than our robust security communication AND access control solutions.

As an industry leader known for reliability and quality, we are proud to offer an access control system that meets our strict quality standards.

Introducing the AC Series, our first access control product line.

Introducing the AC Series

Benefits of a Single Solution Provider

We are your one point of contact for all things intercom and access control. Delivering timely, reliable results with efficiency.

No more waiting for information from a manufacturer. No need to check cross-product compatibility or availability from one vendor to the next.

AC Series - Single Solution Provider

Built-In Regulatory Compliance for Demanding Projects

Excellent for projects in the healthcare, government, and school sectors, the AC Series meets common compliance standards for various building codes and regulations.

The AC Series is made in North America, ensuring components are manufactured in favored nations. The AC Series touts UL Listing and is both NDAA and TAA compliant, meeting many government safety standards.

AC Series Safety Standards

Stand-Alone System Pairs with ANY Aiphone Intercom

Whether your intercom system is new, old, analog, or IP, the AC Series pairs with any of our systems.

Add access control to existing and new Aiphone intercom systems. Reuse wire and save resources by keeping existing intercom systems with door release.

AC Series Easily Pairs with Any Aiphone Intercom

Scalable Beyond Your Imagination

From managing a single door, to managing thousands of doors, cameras, gates, or elevator access, the AC Series is incredibly flexible.

With compact over-the-door controllers and traditional access control panels, we can outfit a system to meet any size or configuration.

AC Series is Scalable

Highly Customizable Access Control Systems

AC Nio management software is the ultimate solution for system customization and everyday operations. Program software, add partitioning, time zone changes, and more with one sophisticated tool.

AC Series-AC Nio management software

Remote Management Saves Your Resources

Manage AC Series systems remotely to save time and resources when updates need to be made.

No need to roll a company truck to a site in order to perform updates to a system. With an internet connection, remote management is possible.

AC Series - A Single Solution

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