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Intercom and Access Control Systems
for Correctional Facilities

Intercom and Access Control Systems
for Correctional Facilities

Entry Security and Communication Solutions for Correctional Facilities

Local Jails · Prisons · Reformatories · Halfway Houses · Detention Centers


Empower guards with a robust security communication system.


When your guards cannot be in all places, rely on Aiphone for your access control and intercom communication solutions for commercial, governmental, and industrial facilities.


Improve your facility’s surveillance and communication systems. Choose from a wide variety of options to integrate and network the security across your entire campus. Whether you choose a simple audio intercom or a sophisticated video system, you can rely on us. Aiphone products are known for their reliability – designed with tamper-resistant cameras and controls. Many components are HSPD12, NDAA, ADA, and TAA compliant, as well as included on the GSA Schedule and UL listed. You can request the list of compliant products by reaching out to your local Aiphone Expert.



Benefits of Intercom Security for Correctional Facilities
Intercom Convenience



  • Mobile apps add roaming control for security teams and guards
  • Commercial systems are completely scalable to start small and grow as needed
  • Integrates with PBX, VMS, and ACS for seamless control
  • Networked systems link other offices, buildings, or NOCs together, from virtually anywhere


Controlled Access

  • Reach security personnel in an instant with staff-to-staff communication
  • Identify personnel with video identification before granting access
  • See and hear activity from any video station with discreet monitoring
  • Add emergency stations and towers in remote areas for additional access and coverage


Door Stations for Interior and Exterior Use

Prevent unauthorized individuals from getting access to prohibited areas.


Control and monitor all gates and entrances with video intercoms. Integrate programmable key cards inside your facility to control restricted areas. Connect security and communications across multiple buildings or an entire campus to extend your security teams’ reach and control.

Correctional Facility - Employee Entry

Master Stations for Security Personnel

Identify visitors and staff before unlocking doors.


Master stations and mobile apps enable security teams to efficiently communicate with each other and visitors.


Have roaming guards with cell phones?
We have a solution!


Certain Aiphone systems have a call transfer option, ensuring each call reaches an actual person. Integrate with a camera system for the ability to switch from the video door or call station view to an alternative view where network cameras are installed.

Correctional Facility - Master Stations

Call Stations for Cell Blocks/Remote Areas

Add call stations in cell blocks, sally ports, or any interior/exterior location where communication is needed to immediately call for help when a problem or emergency occurs.


Easily reach the security office, guard tower, remote gate, or parking garage, by installing call stations through an IP network or long-distance wiring.


Discreetly monitor cell blocks, sally ports, and prison yards through a master station. Listen to activity in areas where audio call stations are installed to monitor activity in areas where video call stations are installed.


Flush-mount and vandal-resistant call stations help reduce wear and are protected from most vandalism. For further protection, many call stations have a compatible lock box as an additional barrier.

Correctional Facility - Call Stations

Speaker Stations for Paging and Alerting

Place speakers in prison yards, parking garages, service areas, loading docks, or other noisy environments where louder amplification is needed. Add new or integrate with existing speaker systems so all pages and announcements can be heard throughout the entire building or campus.


Respond to a page using hands-free or handset call stations. Choose hands-free stations for open conversations or handset stations for both open and private conversations.

Correctional Facility - Speakerstation

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