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Intercom and Access Control Systems for Commercial Properties

Intercom and Access Control Systems for Commercial Properties

Entry Security and Communication Solutions for Multiple Industries. All Sizes.


A commercial intercom system is ideal for a wide range of business properties, mixed-used buildings, industrial warehouses, schools, retail stores, and more.
Add networked emergency call towers in parking garages and remote areas in locations that are hard to patrol or monitor.
Integrate with access control for a comprehensive security solution.

Dynamic Security Solutions for Commercial Properties

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Benefits of Commercial Intercom Solutions

Intercom Convenience



  • Integrated security layers with a mobile app will empower your security team
  • Self-service kiosks – master stations can be programmed to serve as virtual receptionists to assist visitors
  • Call other offices, buildings, or facilities around the world
  • Integrate commercial intercom into PBX, VMS, and access control software



Intercom Convenience



  • The freedom of choice; buy what you need, when you need it — the system scales at your pace
  • With stations located throughout a facility, visitors can contact security after hours
  • Easily accommodate your budget with a variety of station styles and options







Controlled Access


Controlled Access

  • Stations with built-in card readers allow personnel to easily access authorized areas
  • Controlled access at key entry points add an extra barrier of safety
  • Electronic locks operate in a “fail-safe, fail-secure” mode so they remain locked to the outside during a power outage
  • Add t-coil, touchless call sensors, and call boxes for greater coverage, control, and ease of use for both staff and visitors

Protect Your Assets

Need a security operations center?

Empower your staff with a video intercom system to help identify and grant visitor access, alert security, and broadcast announcements.


Need gate controllers at a guard station?

It works there, too. You can even set up networked emergency towers to secure and monitor parking garages and remote areas.


Regardless of building sizes and layouts – or the distances between them – you can connect virtually every building to secure and monitor your entire property.

Expand at Your Pace

Security teams can monitor activity throughout an entire building or across several campuses. Networked intercom systems easily integrate with VMS, CCTV, PBX, and security NOCs.


When your security staff is unavailable, calls can be forwarded. With the flexibility to start small and expand at any time, you’ll have the freedom to buy only what is needed, when it’s needed. The system scales at your pace, making it easy to expand – mix and match an infinite number of door stations, emergency stations, master stations, and sub stations.

Integrated Security Solutions

For multiple buildings or mixed-use settings, consider the IXG Commercial Series which combines the power of the IX Series and IXG Series to create an enterprise-level solution with unlimited station capacity.


Mix and match IX Series and IXG Series components for the ultimate hybrid solution. Many solutions available with certified Technology Partners and Integration Solutions to network with existing VMS, PBX, and access control systems.


Learn more about the capabilities of an IP Video Intercom by contacting your Local Expert. Discover all the possibilities!


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