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AC Series Access Control Solution


Premium Access Control Solution
Backed by the Guarantee You Trust

The AC Series will pair with all intercom technologies whether a system is new, old, analog, or IP. Our access control system integrates with the most on‑demand security features, providing controlled access with visitor screening, internal communication, and video monitoring. Easily retrofit existing systems with the same quality pledge as our intercoms.

Combine with Any Aiphone Entry Security Intercom System

Get the benefits of having a single security solution provider. With our Aiphone promise, you are assured of getting the quality and support you have come to expect from our brand.

Start small or large — grow anytime. With compact over‑the‑door controllers and traditional access control panels, we can outfit a system to meet any size or configuration.

Customization is simple. With an intuitive interface, the software controls everyday functionality, maintenance, and other complex settings — helping to deploy any changes promptly.

Save time with remote system management. Dealers and installers no longer need to come onsite to make system updates, saving time and resources.

Generate complete equipment lists 24/7!
Save and download lists to include with proposals.
Network Based
  • Cross product compatibility with all Aiphone intercoms
  • NDAA, TAA compliant, UL Listed
  • Integrates with the most on-demand security features
  • Easily retrofit existing systems
  • Expand and grow with simple hardware
  • Sophisticated and intuitive interface provides easy maintenance
  • Remote system management saves time and resources


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